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September 23, 2013
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Trip with hired bus to Wineries in Valencia

Delicious wines from Valencia

This day has something for every type of wine lover. You will bring a visit to some wineries and vineyards, the so-called bodegas, in the mainstream quality wine regions of Valencia. Besides the many bodegas, this day you get the change to see Valencia’s vibrant city life by night, and many of the Valencia’s nature surroundings.

Departures from:

Valencia, Sagunt, Cullera, Castellón de la Plana


General view of Bodega Heretat de Taverners in ValenciaMorning

If you want to buy a souvenir or a good wine of Valencia’s quality wine regions, in the morning you can bring a short visit  to Bodegas Biosca. This is a store located at el barrio de Ruzafa in Valencia, specialized in the best Cavas, champagnes, wines and licors. For today you can choose for a bus drive of 1 hour and 20 minutes to Heretat de Taverners. In this familiar bodega you’ll have a guided tour. An expert shows you the vineyard and the phases of the elaboration process of the wines, afterwards you get the opportunity to taste two of their best wines.

Wine tasting tour at Bodegas Enguera in ValenciaAfternoon

In the afternoon you can ask the bus driver to bring you to the picturesque mountainous Enguera region. After 50 minutes you arrive at Bodegas Enguera that owns a 160 acres of ground for the farming of grapes. Here you’ll learn more about organic farming, their vineyards techniques and grape varieties. Another option for the afternoon program is to skip these bodegas and ask the bus driver to stop in Chiva, a small city nearby Valencia. Here you find Bodega Valsangiacomo Cherubino, a winery  that gets its supply from three D.O.’s (mainstream quality-wine regions) Valencia, Utiel-Requena and Manchuela. The family originates from Switzerland and passed all knowledge on during five generations.

A day at Playa El Saler in ValenciaLunch and beach time

After a half hour bus drive from the bodega you are in Playa El Saler. Here you can enjoy a Valencian paella with fresh sea fruits in restaurante La Dehesa.  Afterwards you can take a walk in national park La Albufera or along the white sandy beaches of Playa El Saler.

We suggest to ask your driver to pick you up in 2 hours, to have enough time to enjoy a paella

A fun night at Barrio del Carmen in ValenciaEvening

In the evening it is worth to take a guided tour in Barrio del Carmen. This is Valencia’s oldest part and most vibrant neighborhood by night. Plaza del Carmen is the heart of this district with a fountain, orange trees and the Carmen church. In the central street Calle de Caballeros (between Plaza de la Virgin and Torres de Cuart) you find a series of restaurants and bars. For a tasty dinner in the evening you should go to a special and innovative local, Restaurante La Lola. People dine here to understand a new type of Spanish cuisine: that one based on traditional dishes and adapted to modern times. There are regularly theme nights and performances in La Lola.


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September 23, 2013
by admin

Wine tasting day trip with a coach in Utiel and Requena

Panoramic view wineyards in Utiel-Requena, ValenciaFor the wine lovers amongst us, during this day you will taste some good glasses of wine in Utiel / Requena. This wine region is located between the sea and the central plateau of Spain. It has an ancient tradition in wine making and still today, it is the second largest wine producer of Spain. The region was once known for the production of the ”doble pasta”, a heavy red wine.

Starts from:

Valencia, Tarazona de la Mancha, Utiel, Sagunt

Wine tasting in Bodegas Coviñas, ValenciaMorning

In the wine region you find many vineyards and wineries, which the Spaniards call bodegas. The first bodega we suggest for today is bodega Coviñas in Requena. This bodega uses modern facilities to take care of their wines and stores the wine in a huge cellar with 10.000 barrels.
You can get a tour in the bodega and taste some of their best wines.  After a bus drive of 15 minutes you arrive at bodega Sebirán. This bodega has a rich history in wine making and produces cavas, wines of mainly bobal, tempranillo and macabeo grapes and much more.
After a tour in the vineyard, the experts propose you to taste their wine and Cavas in the special tasting room.

Traditional dish at La Posada de Agueda in ValenciaAfternoon

You might be hungry in the afternoon after all the wine tasting. You can choose to have a traditional Spanish dish in a local restaurant in Requena, ”La Posada de Agueda”. It is an antique house along the road of Requena where the dished are served with creativity and imagination. Hereafter we recommend to continue wine tasting in finca Hoya de Cadenas. In a complete tour of 1,5 hour, a wine train brings you into the vineyard, then you get to see the estate, the wine-making room, old cellars, cask room and end with tasting of three wines.
You can also admire decorated barrels in museo Arte en barricas.

We recommend to ask your driver or tour guide to pick you up in 2 hours, to have time for lunch

Terrace and beautiful view at Restaurante el Coso del Mar in ValenciaEvening

A bus drive of one hour back to Valencia. You can ask the bus driver to make a stop at Restaurante el Coso del Mar located at paseo neptuno along Valencia’s beach. Here you can enjoy the mediterranean cuisine while having a nice view over the sea. Another suggestion is to visit
Cava Siglos in Valencia. This is the physical store of Cava centuries. Here you have the opportunity to taste wines and cavas in combination with a Spanish ham or chorizo.



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September 19, 2013
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Experience the beauty of the Tenerife sunrise and sunset on one day trip with a chartered bus

An overview of Playa de las Américas in TenerifeTenerife belongs to the archipel called the Canary islands. This island is very volcanic but it has some beautiful beaches as well. However if you want to escape from the touristic beach places of Tenerife the tour is suitable for you! It is a combination of relaxing and visiting interesting places. As the name says so it starts with the sunrise and ends with the sunset.


Starts from:

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Playa de las Américas, Puerto de la Cruz, Adeje

Sunrise in TenerifeMorning

This great tour starts a little earlier than the usual tours. We suggest you to have already some food prepared as breakfast since we suggest you to be picked up by the bus at 4 o’clock in the night.

The reason for this early pick up is since we advise you to visit the National Park del Teide, where the third highest volcano of the world is located called el Pico del Teide, and where you will have the opportunity to watch a spectacular sunrise with beautiful views. From Playa de las Americas it is approximately one hour driving and you probably arrive around 5:00 Am. We recommend to watch the sunrise and walk around in the national park. Don’t forget to bring your camera!


General view of pyramids in Guimar, TenerifeWhen you are ready and made some great shots we recommend you to move on. We suggest to make a detour before going back to Playa de las Americas and visit two other places. The first place we recommend is the village Guimar and again one our driving.

Around 9:00 AM you can arrive in Guimar where you have the possibility to visit the Pyramids of Güímar. These six pyramids are build in the 19th century and they probably have been build by farmers. A museum with more information about the pyramids, the souvenir shop or an old retained garden can also be visited.  Furthermore you could have a coffee at the cafeteria with a panoramic view of the pyramids.


Panoramic view of Villaflor in TenerifeWe advise you to move on to the next stop during this tour which is the village Villaflor. This is the highest village of the island. Here you might are interested in visiting the church. Furthermore you can have a beautiful walk near the lunar landscapes of the island.


A general view of Restaurant Cedro in TenerifeLunch at Playa de las Américas

At approximately one o’clock you can be back in Playa de las Americas. Since you had already quite some activity and might be hungry we advise you Restaurant el Cedro for some lunch. Good price-quality! If you feel like you could do some sightseeing in Playa de las Americas as well.

To have enough time to enjoy your lunch, ask your driver to pick you up in 2 hours.


Catamaran tour in TenerifeAt this time you could be picked up by the bus and we suggest you to go on a two hour sail excursion. You will sail for two hours along the coastline of Tenerife on a small catamaran which only has place for 22 people and search for whales and dolphin’s. Furthermore a guide can give you some information about the sea life of the Atlantic ocean.




Unfortunately the tours has come to an end. We hope you have spotted some animals. Since you already had a long day we advise you to go back to your accommodation. The bus can bring you and you can have a nap or freshen up if you feel like.

Terrace from Restaurant La Terrazza del Mare in TenerifeNight

When you are ready the bus can pick you up to have diner in Playa de las Americas. We recommend Restaurant La Terrazza del Mare which is located at the beach. You can sit outside and have delicious meals like pasta, risotto, bruschetta and salads. During diner you can enjoy the beautiful sunset. Furthermore the restaurant offers some delicious coctails as well. You can enjoy the evening as long as you want. The bus can bring you back to your accommodation whenever you are ready.


Follow this link to receive quotes for a chartered bus for this day trip in Tenerife.


September 16, 2013
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Round trip with a rented coach to enjoy the landscapes of Fuerteventura

Clear sand and water at beaches in FuerteventuraDuring this tour you will explore the north of the island Fuerteventura. Fuerteventura, which means strong wind, is a island which belongs to the archipel of the Canarian Islands. It is after Tenerife the biggest island of the archipel. It doesn’t rain a lot and therefore it has a volcanic and dessert like landscape. However on the coast, white sand beaches and light blue water  can be found. As the name says so, Fuerteventure is a windy island and therefore popular for watersports like kitesurfing. During this tour we have made some suggestions which will give you the opportunity to explore the beautifull landscapes of this island.

Departures from:

Puerto del Rosario, Corralejo, Fuste, Pájara

Breakfast at Restaurant Beleten in Fuerteventura Morning

You could be picked up by bus from your accommodation in Corralejo. If you haven’t had breakfast in your accommodation you might want some food before this tour starts. Therefore the bus can bring you to the Restaurant Beleten which is located near the beach. You might want to eat some eggs with toast or just a coffee while enjoying the morning sun.




Kayak and snorkeling excursion in Fuerteventura As a first activity of this tour we recommend to go on a kayak and snorkeling excursion. The bus can bring you back to the hotel where you can be picked up to start the excursion. This guided tour is suitable for all levels of experience, so you don’t have to worry if you have no experience. You have the option to go together or alone in a kayak. The guide will show you beautiful places along the coast of Fuerteventura. Furthermore, if you want, the tour will stop at several beaches which are perfect for snorkeling and explore the marine life of this island.



 Café Antiguo del Puerto, outdoor view in Fuerteventura Afternoon

Since you had already quite some exercise during the first excursion you are probably hungry.  If you feel like the bus can bring you to the city centre of Corralejo for some lunch. We suggest Café Antiguo del Puerto. This restaurant is beautiful located at the coast/harbor of Corralejo where you can enjoy delicious tapas or other Spanish meals. Antiguo del Puerto offers more than 50 different tapas for a reasonable price.


You can ask the driver to pick you up in 2 hours, to have enough time to enjoy your lunch.


Quad adventure in Fuerteventura When you are finished with your lunch and want to move on, the bus can pick you up for your next activity. We recommend to discover the landscape of Fuerteventura by quad or  buggy. It is approximately 5 minutes from the restaurant, where you might had lunch, to X-Quad where this tour will start. However if you feel like walking to explore more of Corralejo this is possible as well. At X-Quad tours are offered of different durations, however we suggest the Quad or Buggy short tour of 2 hours.


Playa Corralejo in FuerteventuraEvening

Start of the tour. During this tour you have the opportunity to explore in a short time some great places of the island. You can either choose to drive the quad/buggy yourself or hire a driver.  Fuerteventura has a varied landscape with lagoons, white sand beaches, volcano’s, cliffs, black rocks and more. During this tour you will stop at different places to rest, enjoy the beautiful surrounding and to take some photo’s.

Unfortunately the tour has come to an end. Before the next activity start you will have some free time to spend. Since it has been already a long day we suggest that the bus will bring you to your accommodation to fresh up or have a quick nap.

Beautiful sunset in El Cotillo in FuerteventuraLate Evening

You might want to enjoy more of the island and therefore we suggest that the bus will pick you up for your next activity; sunset horseback riding. The bus will bring you to El Cotillo, which is located at the west coast of Fuerteventura. You will ride around 1.5 hours on the beach where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset and have the opportunity to make some great pictures as well. After you have experienced the beauty of the Fuerteventura coastline you might want to eat something. We propose you to go back to the beginning point of the tour to have some delicious Canarian tapas with the rest of the group. After two hours this tour has come to an end and the bus can bring you back to your accommodation.

Entrance of Nightclub Waikiki in FuerteventuraNight

If you still have some energy left, and are in the mood for some drinks, you might want to experience the nightlife of Corralejo.  You might want to change clothes and whenever you are ready the bus can bring you to the centre of Corralejo. We recommend Nightclub Waikiki, located on the beach and a perfect party place to drink some cocktails. On some days they offer Caribbean dance classes as well. However if you feel like to go somewhere else we suggest to go either to the main strip for disco’s and bars, or to the end of the main avenida of Corrlejo for some less touristic and laidback open-air bars, cafe’s and restaurant and finish this amazing day with a drink.


Continue here to receive offers for a rented coach to make this round trip in Fuerteventura



November 18, 2012
by admin

Visit with a hired coach the ‘Castillo de La Mota’ and Peñafiel

City walk, beautiful castles, good food, city tours

This tour is part of The Greatest Castles in Spain tour and we suggest to consider this day as the first day of your tour. You can make this complete tour or decide to use it as a one day trip.

Starts from:

Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, Cuenca, Ciudad Real, Valladolid

Panoramic view Medina del CampoMorning

Travel from the city centre of Madrid to Medina del Campo.
In the morning it is possible to get picked up by a comfortable coach at a pick-up point of own choice in the centre of Madrid. The pick-up window could be set from 8.30h to 9.00h but anyother time frame can be choosen and you could  instructe your coach driver where and at what time you would be picked up/ dropped off. When choosing for the comfortable seating in the coach, the driver will take you to the town called Medina del Campo. We suggest to make a trip of two hours this is a pleasant time to spend on this trip and you have enough time to explore everything.

General view Castle La Mota Enjoy the reconstructed medieval ‘Castillo de la Mota’

The castle of La Mota is named after its location on an elevated hill, a ‘mota’, from where it dominates the town and surrounding land. We suggest to take the guided tour through the castle, which comes with an admission of only 4 euro, the tickets are available at the castle itself, so a last minute decision is possible. Another option is to rent an audioguide and perform the tour by yourself.
After performing either the guided or the audioguided tour, it is possible to grab an early lunch in  Medina. There are several restaurants within the city centre that serve great meals. Check the sources for the right addresses.

General view from Castillo Peñafiel Afternoon

Travel from Medina del Campo to Peñafiel

If you are finished enjoying an early lunch or the tour in the Castle of La Mota. We suggest to choose for the  optional program of this day. At a time frame you prefer, the coach will be leaving for the next village of Peñafiel. This is a trip of 90 kilometres and will take about a hour and a half so we suggest to leave around 13:00. You will be arriving at the second castle. The castle of Peñafiel was built of Campaspero stone in the 10th century , it is a great example of the German Gothic style. It is 210 meters long by 33 meters wide and shows a magnificant view of the surroundings.

 General view winery at Castle PeñafielLate afternoon lunch

For those who rather explore the castle on their own, feel free to spend all afternoon in your own way. After visiting the castle, you have the possibility to enjoy a late afternoon lunch and wine tasting. We suggest that you enjoy a journey through the local wine plant, which presents the parts of the wine, the grain, the type of grape, type of wine, bottling, labelling and so much more! Several restaurant are suggested by us, you can find these in the sources.

 We recommend to ask your driver to pick you up in 2 hours, to enjoy your lunch.

Interior view Hotel Condes de Castilla in SegoviaEvening

Coach could take you to the city of Segovia
We suggest to leave  Peñafiel Castle at around 17.30 but you could give your coach driver your preferable instructions when needed. It is a half hour drive to the city of Segovia.  We suggest to check-in Hotel Condes de Castilla 3* in Segovia. This hotel, located in the city center of Segovia is a restored 13th-century palace with beautiful authentic features. But it is also possible to reserve another hotel that is more suitable for your needs. You will find several options within the sources.


General view Restaurant José María in Segovia Dinner in Segovia

A possible evening program in Segovia for you could be a dinner at Restaurant Jose Maria. Jose Maria is the restaurant to stop at while visiting Segovia. Located at the main square, the restaurant is not difficult to find. The restaurant serves traditional dishes, like Cochinillo (suckling pig) which is said to be the best in surroundings. After an excellent meal a few local bars couldl be visited for a good laugh. But there are also other restaurants in Segovia that are worth visiting. More suggestions are given in the sources.

November 18, 2012
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Religious day tour with a bus to Santiago de Compostela

City walk, religious activities and locations, good food service

Panoramic view Santiago de CompostelaSantiago de Compostela is one of the most important Christian pilgrimage. Pilgrims from all over Europe end their walk here. This walk is called the Camino de Santiago (the way to Santiago). This interesting city has a lot of amazing things to offer. Our recommendations for a day trip will guide you through the most important religious activities and locations, you will be amazed by everything the city has to offer!

Starts from:

La Coruña, Pontevedra, Lugo, Ourense, León

Panoramic view Cathedral of Santiago de CompostelaMorning

Start of the tour. The first destination we recommend is the St. James Cathedral, a beautiful monumental cathedral, located at Plaza da Praterías. Go inside and enjoy the amazing atmosphere. Pilgrims all over Europe end their walk in Santiago, especially at this location just in front of the church. For this reason it is even more special to visit this beautiful place.
Close to the St. James Cathedral there is a nice place to relax and have some coffee and/or breakfast: Café Literarios, located at the Praza da Quintana de Vivos. This café has a really nice terrace and a perfect location.

General view Praza Obradoiro in Santiago de CompostelaAfter you might have visited the impressive St. James Cathedral and Café Literarios, we recommend the Santiago University. This interesting building is definitely worth it to visit, located at the Praza do Obradoiro. The ride will take around 10 minutes. When you arrive you might go inside and study the different architectural styles and enjoy the great location.

General view Gelmírez Palast in Santiago de CompostelaAfternoon

We suggest to go back to the location of the St. James Cathedral, which is located at the square Praza do Obradoiro. This is in fact the exact centre of the city. The buildings surrounded by the square have different architectural styles and are amazing to see. We would also recommend to drive from the Praza do Obradoiro to Gelmírez Palace, located at Praza da Quintana. This will take around 10 minutes. The Gelmírez Palace used to be the archbishop´s residence for many years. It is a great place to visit due to the relation with the cathedral from Santiago de Compostela.

Exterior view of Restaurant A Curtiduría in SantiagoLunch time in Santiago

It is lunch time and therefore we would like to suggest a specific restaurant: A Curtiduría, located close to the Gelmírez Palaca at the Rúa da Conga. This place is known for its delicious dishes and great atmosphere. Perfect to have lunch!

Ask your driver or tour guide to pick you up in 2 hours!


Tour to the City Market

It would be nice to visit the City Market as well. The city market is located at the Praza de Abastos, and it is actually one of the most popular monuments of the city. The market is famous because it is one of the biggest markets in Spain. Moreover it is typical Galician and it is a very good place to buy fresh  products. Locals and tourists come together which provide the location with a nice atmosphere.

General view Pilgrimage Museum in Santiago de CompostelaEvening

We suggest the last activity of today: a visit of the Pilgrimage Museum, located at Calle de San Miguel. The museum will provide you with interesting information  about pilgrimage in general, the importance for the European and Hispanic societies and more. A visit to this museum will definitely be worth it!



Dinner at Restaurant O Dezaseis in SantiagoNight

After this tour you will probably be hungry. We would like to recommend a great classic restaurant called ´O Dezaseis´, which will provide you with typical Galician meals. This restaurant is located only a few minutes from the Pilgrimage Museum, located at the Rúa de San Pedro.
Unfortunately we suggest that this is the end of your planned daytrip. You might stay in the city or go back to your accommodation in Santiago de Compostela.


November 18, 2012
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Discover suprising Valencia during a minibus tour

City walk, amazing architecture, delicious food, nice views

Panoramic view of Valencia This tour will show you all that you want to see from Valencia. The city has it all; amazing achitecture, a Spanish atmosphere, varied sight-seeing and more. 1 Day might be too short to explore the whole city, but with this tour you will see the variety in activities and sights that this amazing city has to offer!


Starts from:

Valencia, Tarragona, Murcia, Castellon de la Plana, Albacete, Teruel

Panoramic view City of Arts and Sciences in ValenciaMorning

To prepare yourself for this day trip through Valencia we would like to suggest a nice restaurant to have some coffee and breakfast. We suggest Cafetaría – Restaurante Don Pelayo, located at Escultor Antonio Sacramento, which is very close to the City of Arts and Sciences complex.
After having a nice breakfast we suggest a visit of the City of Arts and Sciences complex, located at the Autopista del Saler. If you arrive at this amazing complex, which looks from the outside like a whale skeleton, there are plenty of things to do inside the building. Recommended would be to visit the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum, which will take around 2.5 hours. You will have to interact whole the time, due to  technological expiriments. In this museum it is forbidden not to touch. This means that it will definately be a really interactive and fun experience!

General view Botanic Garden of Valencia

A walk around the Botanic Garden of Valencia

From the City of Arts and Sciences complex your next destination of today might be the Botanic Garden of Valencia, located at Calle de Quart. The ride to the garden will take around 15-20 minutes. This garden was actually used for the study and investigation of medical plants. Nowadays it is a perfect location to rest and experience the beauty of nature. We recommend you to spend around one and a half hours in the garden and the surroundings.


Interior view Restaurant Ana Eva in ValenciaAfternoon

You might be hungry around this time. Therefore we suggest a really nice restaurant which is a perfect place to have lunch: . This vegetarian restaurant is located less than 5 minutes from the Botanic Garden, at Calle del Turia. The atmosphere of the restaurant is great, with lots of botanic influences.

 We suggest to ask your driver or tour guide to pick you up in 2 hours, to have enough time to enjoy your lunch.

General view Plaza del Mercado in ValenciaDon’t miss a trip to the Plaza del Mercado

You might want to go further with the tour and we suggest that your next stop will be the Plaza del Mercado. The bus ride will take around 10 minutes. The first activity at the Plaza del Mercado might be a visit of the Santos Juanes Church. This church in baroque style has a long history, it is actually the oldest church in Valencia. Feel free to go inside and discover Palomino´s fresco paintings, you will be amazed!

Panoramic view Monastery of San Miguel de los Reyes in ValenciaEvening

We suggest that your next destination for today at the Plaza del Mercado will be the Monastery of San Miguel de los Reyes. The history of this building is amazing. The building used to be farmhouse for Muslims, a prison and more. Nowadays the building is used as a library. This incredible building is definitely worth it to visit!


 Delicious paella valenciana Night

After all these visits you will probably be hungry. For this reason we suggest a great place in Valencia: Restaurant Ocho y Medio. This restaurant is located at the square Lope de Vega, which is very close to the Plaza del Mercado. The ride to the restaurant will take you less than 5 minutes. At this restaurant you can enjoy home-made paella or other Spanish specialties. After a few hours of having dinner and enjoying the amazing atmosphere you can spend your night somewhere else in the city or go back to your accommodation.



November 18, 2012
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Bus tour through the incredible Alicante

City walk, good food, chapels and harbor tour

Panoramic night view of Alicante This tour welcomes you to Alicante, a Spanish city with a rich history. The city is highly influenced by the Arabs, who actually set the basis of how the city looks like nowadays. The tour will provide you with an amazing impression of the city, with an historic as well as a modern touch.



Starts from:

Alicante, Murcia, Albacete, Valencia, Castellón de la Plana

General view Castillo de Santa Barbara in AlicanteMorning

Your tour might start with an amazing visit at Alicante´s , located at the Avenida de Juan Bautista Lafora. The Castillo de Santa Barbara is an exiting and impressive castle which overlooks the city and provide you with an incredible view. Here you can take a walk, climb to the top or visit the ruins and the small church. You will directly feel the amazing history and beauty of this place. Definitely worth it to visit!

 Interior view Restaurant Ferran 12 in Alicante A little break time in Alicante

You will probably be thirsty and hungry that´s why we think it would be nice to drive to the most beautiful promenade of Alicante, the Explanada de España. This incredible place, located next to the famous harbour of Alicante, will provide you with a great Spanish atmosphere. We would like to suggest Restaurant Ferran 12, located at the Explanada de España. Here you can have a really nice breakfast and prepare yourself for the rest of the day trip.

Interior view Concathedral of Saint Nicholas of Bari in AlicanteA visit to the Concathedral of Saint Nicholas of Bari

After having breakfast at the Explanada de España you might want to see something more. You can go to Concathedral of Saint Nicholas of Bari, a ride of approximately 5-10 minutes. The Concathedral of Saint Nicholas of Bari is definitely worth it to visit. The concathedral is built in a typical baroc style and located in the Old Town. Feel free to enter and enjoy the history behind this amazing building.

Outdoor view of Restaurant El Buen Comer in Alicante Afternoon

We suggest that it is time to visit another cultural attraction; the Chapel of Santa Cruz. This small chapel is located in a colorful colony called Santa Cruz. The romantic location and Spanish atmosphere makes it a perfect place to visit. It is lunch time; therefore we suggest Restaurant El Buen Comer, located close to the Chapel of Santa Cruz at the Calle Mayor. The atmosphere and food are unique and delicious!

You can ask your driver to pick you up in 2 hours, to have enough time for your lunch.

General view Explanada de España in AlicanteEvening

From the location of the Chapel of Santa Cruz you can drive to the last destination and our last suggestion of today; the casco histórico. The ride will take around 20 minutes and will bring you close to the Explanada de España again. In a few years the casco histórico changed from an old neighbourhood into a cosy place with offices, restaurants, bars, pubs, tapas bars, and even a ¨boutique hotel¨. We would like to recommend you to spend as much time as you want; just walk around and experience Alicante´s beauty.

General view Restaurant Hospes Amérigo in AlicanteNight

You should have dinner at the Explanada de España as well, as the location is perfect and there are a lot of restaurants. We highly recommend Restaurant Hospes Amérigo, which will offer you good food and nice cocktails to end this great day in Alicante!


November 18, 2012
by admin

Bus tour Zamora, León and Gijón

City walks, beautiful landscapings, good food, drinks and shopping

Panoramic view of ZamoraLeón is full of gotic and roman architecture and a true paradise for people interested in art and history. When you travel from Salamanca, I advise you to stop in Zamora on your way to León. Zamora is the capital of the province of Zamora and located on a rocky hill. There are 24 different churches dating from the 11th and 12th century and so this city might look to you as a living museum.


 Starts from:

Zamora, León, Salamanca, Valladolid, Asturias

Interior view Cathedral of ZamoraMorning

In the morning, I suggest you travel from Salamanca to León. This is a trip of three hours. Therefore, I recommend visiting Zamora in the morning. Traveling from Salamanca to Zamora takes approximately 1 hour. Depending on what time you want to wake up in the morning, you could consider the following suggestions. After a one-hour drive from Salamanca, you will arrive in Zamora. You might cross over the beautiful and historical Puente de Piedra (Stone Bridge) in order to get in the city. I recommend starting your journey in Zamora with a visit to the Cathedral. You could ask the bus driver to drop you off near the Cathedral. The Cathedral will not bore you because of the dome and the many symbols inside. The dome enables lots of light and the symbols on the choir stall relate to the daring and risky side of life.

Interior view Restaurant Serafín in Zamora Coffee break in Zamora

After visiting the Cathedral, you could walk into the city centre for a cup of coffee. Los Tilos is located near the cathedral and offers you a simple menu for a very reasonable price. You will be able to sit inside the restaurant or outside on the terrace. You could also go to Cafeteria-Restaurant Serafín. They offer fresh products and the service is very friendly.


 Interior view Semana Santa Museum in ZamoraA visit to the Semana Santa Museum

After your coffee break, I suggest visiting the Semana Santa Museum. The Semana Santa Museum houses religious statues and art.
You could walk straight to the museum but you could also walk via the Plaza Mayor to the Plaza de Santa María La Nueva. This small detour will offer you a very short walk with many beautiful
buildings the view along your way. On the Plaza mayor, you will see the iglesia San Juan, which has a beautiful sculpted portal.

General view Restaurant Los Abuelos in ZamoraAfternoon

Before you travel to León, you could have lunch in Zamora. I advise you to go to Restaurant Los Abuelos. This restaurant offers a good service and delicious seafood. Another very luxurious option is Restaurant El Rincón De Antonio, which is known because of its high quality food.

You can ask your chauffeur or tour guide to pick you up in 2 hours, to have enogh time for lunch.

General view Glorieta de Guzmán in LeónTravel to León

After visiting impressive Zamora you could decide travel to León. Between 1 am and 3am, many restaurants, attractions and shops are closed and so this would be a suitable time to travel to León. The travel duration from Zamora to León takes about 2 hours.


Interior view of Parador San Marcos in León Looking for a hotel in León

Before you continue your trip in León, I suggest you drop off your luggage at your hotel. I suggest Hotel Paris because of its interior and it location on the Calle Ancha. If you want to make an experience of your overnight in León, I advise you to book a room in Parador San Marcos. This hotel is partly a monastery and it will make you feel like you are constantly in a museum.
As you might be tired of traveling, I advise you to do a short city walk.  Depending on where you start your trip in León, I suggest you walk along the river because of the beautiful surrounding. I recommend walking to de Glorieta Guzmán El Bueno. From here you could walk to Plaza San Marcelo in approximately 10 minutes.

Panoramic view Casa Botines in LeónEvening

At the Plaza San Marcelo, you could view the Casa Botines. You probably want to see this building as the architect is no one less than the architect Gaudí. The building has a neoclassical style and Gaudí carefully used different materials and made use of the light.
After visiting the Casa Botines, you could continue your trip to Palacio de los Guzmanes. In this building, the first democratic law of Europe was created. This visit is absolutely interesting and you will be able to view the beautiful stained glass. In the courtyard, you will see the markable family symbol of the Guzmán family.

Interior view Restaurant Nuevo Racimo de Oro in LeónNight

After visiting these two cultural buildings, I suggest you have dinner. Around Plaza San Martin, there are many Tapas bars available. You could walk to El Infierno. This restaurant is very small but popular among the local inhabitants of León.
If you prefer a luxurious option and no tapas, I suggest you have dinner in Nuevo Racimo de Oro. This restaurant specializes in lam and roast suckling pig.


The nightlife at Barrio Húmedo in LeónWalking around León at night

After dinner you might want to travel back to your hotel, but you could also stay around the Plaza San Martin. This neighborhood is also known as Barrio húmedo, the damping quarter,  because of the wide variety of beers and wines in this area. For an after dinner drink around Plaza San Martin, I suggest you will go to Bar Barcanal. This bar has an outside terrace and a good opportunity to experience the nightlife of León.
You could also go to the main street of León, the Calle Ancha. Many people like this street. I suggest you go to restaurant Victoria for drinks. You could sit inside or outside the restaurant. After drinks and enjoying the nightlife of León, it is time to go back to your hotel.

November 18, 2012
by admin

Bus tour visiting the amazing Andalucía

Amazing tour trough Andalucía, walks, landsacpes and good food

Andalucia MapThis historic tour through Andalucia will start in Seville and will drive you all around Andalucia. You will immediately be charmed and fall in love by the great history and beauty of the scenaries.As there are so many sights to visit, we suggest to spend 2 days in this amazing place called Seville! Moreover the city is famous because of its university, which provide the city with a young and dynamic atmosphere


Starts from:

Seville, Granada, Málaga, C órdoba, Jaén, Cadiz. Almería

Panoramic view Cathedral of Seville in SevilleMorning

To start this day we suggest a nice restaurant to have breakfast: Cafetaría La Ibense, located at the Avenida de la Constitución. We suggest that your tour can start with a visit of the Cathedral of Seville, which is located close to the Cafetaría La Ibense, at the calle Mateos Gago. Fur a stunning view you can climb de Giralda tower as well. This cathedral has had a lot of different functions over the years. It used to be a mosque when Seville was owned by the Muslims, for this reason there are still a lot of Arabic influences. This biggest Gothic church in the world is an extremely popular sight in Sevilla, therefore we suggest that you visit this building in the early morning.

General view Alcázar of Seville in SevilleTour to the Alcázar of Seville

After a great visit of the cathedral, we would like to recommend a visit of the Alcazar, the Royal Palace of Seville. This palace is located at the Plaza Triunfo and is still used by the king and queen of Spain when they are in Seville. However this does not happen often. This means that visitors have time enough to look around and experience the beauty of this amazing building with a distinct Moorish appearance.

General view of Plaza España in SevilleAfternoon

Around lunch time we would like to suggest another great restaurant: Corral del Agua, located at the Calle del Agua. The restaurant is kind of luxurious but offers a great atmosphere and delicious food. Worth it to go to when you are close!
It might be nice to visit the Plaza de España as well. This square is located close to the Maria Louisa Park and it is one of the most popular spots for tourists. This huge semi-circular square served as the highlight of the 1929 Expo. Walk around the square and take some pictures of the fountains, majestic staircases and arches, miniature river, etc.

We suggest to ask your driver to pick you up in 2 hours, to have time for lunch.

Interior view Restaurant Gazuza in SevilleEvening

We suggest that these three sights are enough for one day. We think it would be nice for you to experience some famous Spanish tapas. Therefore we recommend you to look around in the city centre and visit the following restaurant: Gazuza Tapas Elaboradas, located at the Calle Capitán Vigueras. This restaurant offers the combination between good quality and a very good price!


General night view of the Giralda in SevilleNight

The bus can bring you back to your accommodation in Seville. Be prepared for the second and last day in this amazing Spanish city!